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The PHP Web Toolkit (phpwebtk) is a web application framework and toolkit for rapid development in PHP.

The framework portion uses PHP’s object-oriented features to provide extensible and reusable solutions based on common creational, structural and behavioral software design patterns.

The toolkit portion provides a set of extensible, portable and reusable classes that integrate with some of the most popular PHP software for development such as ADOdb, CKEditor, Kses, Libmcrypt, Libmhash, and Smarty.

Together, the framework and toolkit provides a flexible and simple alternative to other more complex solutions resulting in a faster time-to-market, reduced errors, and greater innovation.

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Software Requirements

You must compile PHP with support for your web server, libmcrypt, libmhash, libxml and mysql at a bare minimum. If you wish to run PHP under Microsoft Windows, we highly recommend that you install Cygwin.

You may want to compile PHP with support for additional options to enable a more feature-rich development environment. In the future, as more classes are added, there may be some new dependencies such as ldap, openssl, soap, etc. so it's probably not a bad idea to include them now.


You can view the API documentation generated with Doxygen at the following location:

Additional formats (i.e., docbook, html, man, rtf, xmi) are included in the phpwebtk-1.0.4-alpha release.

"Powered by" Buttons

Feel free to download any of the buttons below and display them prominently on web sites you've built with phpwebtk:

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The buttons above were designed and donated by Brandon Carter. Thanks!